An application may be made by the responsible parent or guardian to the Minister of National Security for the minor child of a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, to be registered as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.
  A person who was a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago by birth or by descent and who lost Trinidad and Tobago citizenship prior to 29th July 1988 by: - Voluntarily acquiring the citizenship of another country.
  A Certificate of Immigration Status is issued to a Citizen or Resident of Trinidad and Tobago as documentary proof of a person’s status as a Citizen or a Resident of Trinidad and Tobago.
Endorsement of Residence Status
Persons who are residents of Trinidad and Tobago shall have endorsed in their passports an Immigration Stamp certifying their resident status
  - Regulation 24(1) of Immigration Regulations Chapter 18:01
Resident Status in Trinidad and Tobago is lost by voluntarily residing outside Trinidad and Tobago for a continuous period of one (1) year
  - Section 7(1) of Immigration Act Chapter 18:01
An application for an Endorsement of Resident Status must be made on the prescribed form at an Immigration Office in Trinidad and Tobago.
Requirements: -
  1. Valid National Passport
  2. Proof of Resident Status
  3. Previous Passport, if previous passport was endorsed with the Resident Stamp
  4. Certificate of Resident Status or Certificate of Immigration Status
  5. If present passport is endorsed with Immigration status under Section 9 of Immigration Act Chapter 18:01, payment of change of status fee is required
    - Section 9(1) of Immigration Act Chapter 18:01
  6. If previous passport bears a resident status stamp, no change of status fee is applicable
Fees: - Change of Status fee: CARICOM Citizens - $ 50.00 TT
                                                 Non CARICOM Citizens - $ 100.00 TT