Citizens and Residents of Trinidad and Tobago do not require Missionary Permits.
  Non-Citizens and non-Residents of Trinidad and Tobago wishing to engage in studies or training at registered schools/ institutions in Trinidad and Tobago require Student Permits.   The Minister can impose such terms and conditions on the holders of such a permit as he thinks fit, and can at any time, in writing, extend, vary or cancel a permit.
Missionary Permit

Document Required and the Procedure when applying for Missionary Permit
1. Application must be completed, signed and dated by the applicant (Non-National of Trinidad and Tobago)  

2. Application must be accompanied by:-
i. Two (2) photographs of the applicant
ii. Police Certificate of character from country of residence

All applications must be accompanied by a covering letter from the local organization with which the applicant is affiliated.

This letter should state:
i. The applicant’s name
ii. The expected date of arrival
iii. The period of stay in Trinidad and Tobago
iv. Whether the applicant will be remunerated or not
v. Purpose of visit
vi. Number of Foreign Missionaries in the organization who have been granted Missionary Permit by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago
vii. Whether the applicant has previously been issued a missionary permit in Trinidad and Tobago

4. Both the application and the covering letter must be submitted in duplicate.  
5. In cases of newly formed organizations, a copy of the ‘Certificate of Registration under the Companies Ordinance of Trinidad and Tobago’ must be submitted.  

6. In cases where extensions are required, the requirements at 1 to 4 must be fulfilled with the exception of 2 (ii). In this instance:-
i. Where a person has been in the country for six (6) months or more, a police certificate of Character from the local district in which the person has been residing must be submitted.

7. Specimen signature/s of the person/s authorized to act on behalf of the organization must be submitted.  
8. Applications must be submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of the applicant’s date of arrival into Trinidad and Tobago.  
9. A fee of $500.00 per year (of part thereof) is payable on approval of the application for the Missionary Permit.  
10. Upon approval the Missionary Permit and Passport of the applicant must be submitted to the Extension Services Section for endorsement by an Immigration Officer.