The maximum period for a Missionary Permit is three (3) years. Any further application for a missionary permit for a person who has already held one for three (3) years will not be considered within one (1) year of completing the three (3) year period.
  The Minister with responsibility for Immigration may issue a Minister’s Permit to anyone he sees fit either to enter Trinidad and Tobago or being therein to remain for a period of time as specified in the Permit.   A Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Certificate is issued to a citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago only.
Student Permit
Documents Required to Apply for a Student Permit
Student Permit Application
Copy of the bio-data page of applicant’s passport
Letter of Acceptance from the School indicating the following :
  1. That the school has been registered with the relevant Ministry
  2. That the student has been accepted as a full-time student at the school
  3. Information regarding accommodation provided for the student during his/her stay tenure as a student of the school
  4. That no local student has been displaced
  5. Days and times of classes
Receipt of Payment of tuition fees
Letter of responsibility and/or financial support from host - if staying with a relative or friend
Copy of Bio Data page of passport of host
Receipt of payment of accommodation - Board and Lodge
Previous Student Permit (if applicable)
Valid Return Ticket or Security Bond/Landing Deposit
Interview/Information Sheet
Assessment Form - For returning Students
Approval from Ministry of Education obtainable from school or Director of School Supervision, Abercromby Street, Port-of-Spain – for persons attending Government institutions
Medical examination forms P&I 40 and P&I40A – for student remaining in Trinidad and Tobago for more than one (1) year. This may be deferred until one (1) year is complete
Evidence of funds/financial support
Other documents that may be required by the Immigration Officer
Application Fees:
    Caricom Nationals - $100.00 TT
    Non-Caricom Nationals - $200.00 TT
Endorsement of Student Permit Fee:
    Caricom Nationals - $ 50.00 TT
    Non-Caricom Nationals - $100.00 TT