The maximum period for a Missionary Permit is three (3) years. Any further application for a missionary permit for a person who has already held one for three (3) years will not be considered within one (1) year of completing the three (3) year period.
  The Minister with responsibility for Immigration may issue a Minister’s Permit to anyone he sees fit either to enter Trinidad and Tobago or being therein to remain for a period of time as specified in the Permit.   A Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Certificate is issued to a citizen or resident of Trinidad and Tobago only.
Work Permit
Citizens and Residents of Trinidad and Tobago do not require Work Permits.
Holders of Certificates of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills Qualification (CSME Certificate) issued in Trinidad and Tobago do not require Work Permits provided their status are certified by Immigration
  Immigration (Caribbean Community Skilled National Act) Chapter 18:03
Holders of Skills Certificates issued by their home country do not require Work Permits
Non-citizens and non-residents of Trinidad and Tobago wishing to work or engage in work-related activities whether paid or unpaid in Trinidad and Tobago require Work Permits
Person entering Trinidad and Tobago for the purpose of work or work related activities may enter for such purposes by applying for a Work Permit. Such permit must be obtained prior to admission into the country and is granted for varying periods, with a maximum of three (3) years consecutively.
However, if the person is required to remain in Trinidad and Tobago for a period in excess of the 30-day period, to complete the job for which the permit was initially granted, then the employer must apply for a Work Permit for the required period, inclusive of the initial 30-day entry certificate.
A Work Permit when issued is specific to a particular person for a specified period of time and for attachment to a particular company or institution as mentioned therein
  Regulation 10 of the Immigration Regulations Chapter 18:01
An application for a Work Permit may be made on behalf of a person by a company based in Trinidad and Tobago wishing to employ such person, or by an appointed attorney in Trinidad and Tobago or an appointed company in Trinidad and Tobago acting on behalf of a foreign based company
In the case of a self - employed person, whose application for a Work Permit must be filed by a counsel or solicitor practicing in Trinidad and Tobago
An application for a Work Permit or an Extension of a Work Permit must be submitted to the Ministry of National Security on the prescribed form 3, one (1) Original and seven (7) copies, and is subject to the approval of the Minister.
An application form is obtained from the Government Printery at a fee of TT $1.15
Fees: - 1) Application fee: $ 600.00 TT
            2) Certificate fee: $ 450.00 TT per month but subject to a minimum of $ 1,350.00 TT

For further information visit www.mns.gov.tt

NOTE: Upon approval the Work Permit and Passport of the applicant must be submitted to the Extension Services Section for endorsement by an Immigration Officer.